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Our Story

The word Kaippai derives from commonly used word in the rural to go for shopping. During 90's everyone when go for shopping, they used to carry Kaippai in their hands which is recyclable and also environment friendly. Modern trending adopted plastic carry bags which is harmful to environment and also to the society. To give an awareness about using the recyclable and environment friendly bags, we have coined Kaippai for our e-commerce. 

Mrs. Sujitha Palani is the person behind choosing of Kaippai name and also e-commerce business. After pregnancy she has gained more weight. With the regular diet, yoga and exercise she has able to reduce the weight. She has learnt many things which she wants to offer to the beloved people who are feeling about obesity. Only the diet or the yoga alone not enough for weight reduction. Combination of diet, yoga and exercise alongwith mindfulness is the secret of weight reduction. Kaippai wants to provide all in one to help come out of diabetic, obesity and other disease which is curable.

Kaippai Local is the multi vendor platform for the local business to deliver grocery and daily needs to door step of the customer. 

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