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Special Nitrogen Cake Mixture is an organic fertilizer rich in nutrients. Cakes are made by mixture of Pungam, Illupai and Castor. Which is rich in nitrogen, as well as an impeccable combination of phosphate, potash and organic carbon. Provides nutrition to the plant. Especially that all crops require more nitrogen.



Enhances the fertility of the soil.

It protects the plant from diseases.

Increases organic carbon and increase water holding capacity in soil.

Increases crops and soil immunity power.

It gives various plant nutrients to crops. And also it protects crop from the insects, soil born pathogens, nematodes and Bacteria.

It increases the physical, chemical and biological properties in soil.


Recommended Crops:

All kinds of crops, nurseries, vegetables crops, flower crops.



For grains crops, 20 to 40 kg per acre

For groundnuts, 40 to 60 kg per acre

For vegetables, 20 kg per acre.


How To Use:

You can use Special Nitrogen Cake Mixture alone or along with other potting mix materials like Perlite, Vermiculite, Vermicompost, Bio compost, Cocopeat, etc.

Special Nitrogen Cake Mixture தழைச்சத்து புண்ணாக்கு கலவை

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